Mosport Karting Centre Arrive and Drive Racing League (MADRL) is a rookie racing league open to people of all ages. Our program is designed for all rookies, beginners and/or experienced racers. This is not a family entertainment program. Karts are not available for casual rental. This is a competitive Kart Racing Program.

MADRL is a unique form of competitive kart racing where we provide the kart and drivers equipment as well as maintain the karts, clean and sanitize all the driver equipment after each use, and provide fully sanctioned and structured race events. Competitors are welcome to wear their own safety equipment provided it meets the minimum safety rating required by our series.

  • Experience the first level of kart racing on a world-class facility
  • Full championship points standings + podium presentation at each race
  • Safe controlled environment
  • Pristine kept equipment
  • Reach speeds of up to 80 km/h
  • Competitive racing
  • On-site coaching available to help achieve best results
  • Year end awards banquet
What is provided:

Mosport Karting Centre will provide everything from race-ready racing kart, professional racing circuit, timing and scoring, flag marshals, rookie training, kart maintenance, fuel, approved racing helmets, suits are available for rental (First come, first-served basis), and awards ceremony.

How to Join


Become a member of our Arrive & Drive Program


Attend our Spring Open House


Read and understand all rules and regulations


Purchase or rent and wear special personal safety equipment


Register online and attend rookie training


Register online for and pay your race day fee


Check personal safety equipment using competitor self declaration form


Complete electronic waiver ‘SPEEDWAIVER’ before each event


Check in at the karting building when you arrive at the track.

STEP #10

When we Race:

To view our complete schedule: Click Here

Our seasonal schedule is organized into 4 racing groups that typically run on a bi-weekley basis. Alternative group schedules can be added if any of the following groups reach maximum capacity. Competitors can compete in multiple schedules if they choose. There is no mandatory minimum number of events you need to complete each year, and you’re welcome to race as many times as you like!

  • Group 1 – Tuesday 5:00 pm
  • Group 2 – Wednesday 5:00 pm
  • Group 3 – Saturday 10:00 am
  • Group 4 – Sunday 5:00 pm



Ages 8 to 12


Ages 12 to 18


Ages 18 and Up

2020 World Champion BirelART Racing Karts are provided.
Racing karts are capable of speeds up to 80 km per hour.
Racing karts are equipped with adjustable seat and pedals for drivers of all sizes

Rookie Training, Practice, and Private Coaching

Please read our Policies and Procedures for more detailed information on what to expect at a MADRL event.

We offer alternative dates and times outside your regular scheduled races to get into the MADRL karts for rookie training, practice, and private coaching. Receiving one-on-one coaching can be the most beneficial way to improve results, confidence, and lap times! Please view our calendar, or our booking tool online to see when rookie training, practice, and coaching is available.

Rookie Training must be completed before you compete in any race events or practice options. Both practice options include 50 minutes of total track time. You MUST BE A MEMBER OF MARDL in order to participate in both practice options.

  • Rookie Training – Mandatory each year for ALL members (Two 12 minute sessions with an instructor using follow the leader formation + One 12 minute open lapping session.)
  • Option 1 Practice – 50 minutes of open lapping (split into four 12 minutes sessions)
  • Option 2 Practice with Coaching – 50 minutes of open lapping with an instructor (instructor debrief after each 12.5 minute session).

Rookie Training & Regular Season Races – $79.99 + HST
Option 1 Practice – $79.99 + HST
Option 2 Practice with Private Coaching – $159.98 + HST
(Rookie Training, Option 1 Practice, and Option 2 Coaching days can be booked through our booking tool)

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